Warner Chappell Liberty Fusion Testimonial

After a solid 8 hour inaugural session on the new fusion kit, I must say, I am extremely impressed with what I have seen & heard. Usually with any brand new kit , a standard 'breaking in ' process would have to occur before the drums were sounding any way decent.... But THESE drums sounded absolutely fantastic, straight out of the box... Which makes me wonder, just how good these drums will sound after I really play them in over an extended period! The rest of my production team, (especially the producer), are absolutely in love with the rich tones these drums produce... They can all appreciate a marked difference in overall sound quality, (which only serves to make my job a little easier) not to mention the lovely finish and attention to detail  featured on every aspect of the kit.  Liberty Drums will always be the way forward for me.

By Kwesi Yvorra - Basstone Music Warner Chappell, London

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