Avant Series

Avant Series

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Inspired by the Avant-Garde Jazz era which began way back in the 1950s with Artists such as Miles Davis & John Coltrane. Such music inspired innovative improvisation, which Liberty Drums have put a taste of these styles into what we call the Avant Series.

The Avant Series drums feature hand selected Finnish Birch wood shells combined with the latest Liberty Drums hardware components.

Shell construction: 100% Premium Finnish Birch
Rack toms, floor toms: 12 ply tom (6mm)
Snare drum: 15 ply snare drum (8mm)
Kick (with stem mount): 15 ply bass drum (8mm)
Lugs: Liberty Chrome Beetle
Drum Hoops: 2.3 mm Chrome Triple-flange hoops on all drums
Badge: Liberty Iconic badge

Shell construction 100% Premium Finnish Birch
Rack toms, floor toms 12 ply tom (6mm)
Snare drum 15 ply bass drum (8mm)
Kick (with stem mount) 15 ply snare drum (8mm)
Bearing edges Liberty’s own Vintage Bearing edge – OPEX (slight rounded outer with 45-degree inner)
Lugs Liberty Chrome Beetle lugs
Drum Hoops 2.3 mm Chrome Triple-flange hoops on all drums
Badge Liberty Iconic badge

     Avant kit played by Artist Lya Guerrero at the BBC with Poppy Adjuda on  Jools Holland


    Avant Series
    Avant Series
    Avant Series