The Liberty Artist Roster is a diverse collection of talented drummers throughout a range of musical genres. 

Our family of endorsers cover various styles and disciplines from around the world, committed to representing our brand with musical integrity. Their unique skills and approaches to their craft perfectly complementing the fundamental ethos of our company. 

We are always interested in working with individuals of a high caliber of playing ability, able to effectively carry the Liberty banner within their level of influence.

Alex Cromarty- UK
Carlton Santa Davis - USA
Cedric Moore - USA
Chris Wee - Ireland
Dan Hayward - UK
Darryl Howell- USA
David Bitan- UK
George Barrell - UK
Ian Halford - UK
Jack Manders - UK
John Stanley - USA
John Watson - USA
Jonathan Brooker - UK
Kwesi Yvvora - UK/Sweden
Liberty DeVitto - USA
Marley Drummond - UK
Mathias Newberry - UK
Mike Simpson - UK
Paul Elliott- UK
Paul White - UK
Peter Redshaw - UK
Ryan Thundersmith - UK
Scott Ottaway - UK
Siemy Di - UK
Steve Hauxwell - UK
Steven Shelley -UK
Theo Buckingham - UK
Tobias Humble - UK
Vineeth David - India
Lee Bridges - UK
Steve Fawbert - UK
Ron Pence - USA
Sam Draper - UK
Lya Guerrero - UK