Charlie Farran's Rhythm & Blues Band - G3 Vector pedal review

Review by Charlie Well, I played the Kinetics Percussion pedal on Friday night at the Wareham Music Festival with my Band, Charlie Farran's Rhythm & Blues Band. It was our first gig so I was a little nervous as band leader and playing this new design on pedal, but I had to try it. I had no need to worry, it performed wonderfully, it's simplicity appeals, it is fast and smooth. I just slightly increased the spring tension to suit my style and it was ready to go. The biggest benefit to this pedal is clearly the angle where the drummers foot is placed on the pedal, so much more comfortable than the usual pedal designs....oh so comfortable. I am 68 this month and one of the problems I have experience is slight pain in my right hip after playing a rocking gig, and believe me, my band rocks! After two very fast sets last hip pain. I know it sounds daft, but I love the yellow case, it's so easy to loose gear after a gig in a dark club, not with this baby! To sum up, a great idea, well designed and a great gig case. What more could a drummer want. Vector G3 pedal

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