Needle Poppets testimonial

I have been meaning to get back to you much sooner than now, but I’ve been fairly busy gigging, making a recording studio (now completed!) and recording new material. Firstly, I have to say a big thank you for making the best drum kit I’ve ever heard or played on … I have had loads of people asking about it and at least 5 sound engineers saying it is the best kit they’ve ever heard too. It really is awesome, and very versatile - it could do any genre! We’ve started recording some new tunes and it is sounding perfect under the mics, the bass drum in particular is a monster. I would also highly recommend the 15 floor tom, its great tuned up or down. I am currently playing the kit with a Sonor sq2 maple 13 x 7 snare and it sounds very funky indeed … maybe I shall have to get a similar Liberty one soon :) We have a fairly busy August (and beyond) lined-up, but hopefully we will get the majority of the new tracks down and I will forward you some of them. We also have a new video in the pipeline, but it may be a couple of months until its all finished, but it will have some good liberty shots in too (when I get round to it!). image

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