Artist - Hogarth Hannam

Hogarth Hannam

Artist info:
I am a 17 year old based in the Hastings, Eastbourne and Brighton area. Along with session playing for various local bands and singers in a variety of different genres from Hip-hop and R n B to Jazz, My main focus over the past year has been my own project The Village Metronome. Its an experimental fusion band featuring myself on Drums, Toby Cullington on Bass and Milligan Elliot on synth. The bands mission statement is to "Make something people haven't heard before" As put by Toby. We experiment with odd time signatures, metric modulation, noise and the combination of otherwise unconnected ideas.
@hogarth_hannam    (Instagram/Twitter)

You can see some Clips of both The Village Metronome and Myself on our Instagram @Thevillagemetronome or on our Facebook page The Village Metronome