Artist - Jack Manders

Jack Manders


Jack Manders was born in 2009 and started playing drums at the age of 1.

From the age of 4 Jack has been performing at music festivals and charity events all over the UK inspiring young musicians and wowing audiences with his natural groove and amazing drumming.

Since 2016 Jack has been listed in Britain's Top 40 under 16's Young Drummers and recently made it as a top 10 Finalist in 2022 and 2023 performing live at the final in Poole, Dorset.

Jack has been featured in a viral on-line commercial hitting over 34 million views on Facebook alone, the Netflix drum documentary film "Count Me in" and he played the roll of "Freddy the drummer" for Andrew Lloyd Webber's West End Musical 'School of Rock' in Dury Lane, London (2019-2020). Jack is also the face of the drum school

Jack's talent earned him a full scholarship to study at the precious, Purcell School for Young Musicians where he is currently under the tuition of drummer/NYJO MD Sebastiaan de Krom and Jazz Funk saxophonist Simon Allen.

Jack's passion and love for music has led him to meeting and having the support from some of the best drummers and musicians in the world: Steve Gadd (Eric Clapton, Paul Simon); Derrick McKennzie (Jamiroquai); Brian Tyler (number 1 Hollywood Film Composer) Daru Jones (Jack White of the White Stripes) and The 4 Korners drummer J-Rod Sullivan.

Jack is now proudly sponsored and supported by Liberty Drums UK, Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, Roland UK, Hardcase, Rohema Sticks, DrumShop UK and Rubix Drums

Jack's ambition is to be an in demand creative drummer, Producer and Composer and play great music with great musicans in the best music venues and recording studios in the world.

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