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We at Liberty Drums build our own ply shells into hand crafted variations of the finest drum sets and snare drums in the world. Veneered from the log – pressed into ANY combination – formed in the mold – shell created – hours and hours of love and labor into a beautiful musical instrument.

The Liberty Drums range of kits and snares have already received outstanding recognition across the entire range, for the build quality and sound production. We are extremely proud of our products and take great pleasure in crafting the finest acoustic drums for our clients.

Drum kits

The Liberty Drums handcrafted kits are amongst the finest available. All hand made from raw timber in the UK to the highest standard. Each kit is special & unique which is consistent throughout all our ranges.

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Snare drums

A light whispery stick stroke to a thunderous crack, good resonance and response. Vintage classic tones, choices of timbers & veneers with attractive inviting finishes are all aspects you will find in a Liberty snare drum.

Liberty Drums hardware

Vector G1 kick drum pedal. How all pedals should be, but aren't

Nothing like new fresh drum bags for your new Liberty Drums, get your set

Hardware - Need more spares, or just want to add stuff?

10 Years of Liberty

We are celebrating our 10 years of drum making by offering a special promotion. Please follow the link below and find out more about 10 years celebration.

Liberty & Liberty

We are very pleased to announce the signing of a hugely influential figure on the drumming scene, Liberty DeVitto!

Check out newest video from Vineeth David

Vineeth David is a heavy metal drummer, best known as the member of the Progressive Metal band Dwhetstone based in Chennai, India. He is also well known in the Christian Gospel Music Industry.

Paul Elliott testing a NEW Liberty

Please visit our Liberty Drums YouTube Channel where we just uploaded new videos by Paul Elliott "All about Liberty Drums 12x7 harmony piccolo snare drum". 

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